How to shoot portraits on your phone

Shooting landscapes and architecture on a smartphone usually does not cause difficulties, since the phone’s camera is designed to shoot such scenes.

But to take a beautiful portrait on the phone in the absence of portrait mode or portrait lens is difficult, as the camera phone has a wide angle. As a rule, the focal length of the camera of modern smartphones is 28 mm, which is great for shooting large spaces, landscapes and street photos.
A wide-angle lens is not suitable for portraits, as it distorts the proportions of the face and body. It turns out that what is closer to the camera increases, and what is further decreases. The result is a huge nose and small ears. This is especially evident in a selfie.

In the absence of portrait mode in the camera there is no possibility to blur the background and separate the person from the background, to focus on the portrait. Although even with its presence software blur in phones have not yet learned how to make it look natural.
But still we shoot people on the phone, so let’s learn to cope with all the shortcomings of the mobile camera.

Lifehacks for shooting a portrait on the phone:

1. Fit a person into the environment

Your task is to turn the disadvantages of a wide angle into the advantage of photography. This is especially true for owners of budget cameras that do not have portrait mode. There will have to do without large-scale portraits. The simplest scenario: take full-length photos, interact with the background, objects, people. Show the space that surrounds a person.

2. Shoot the person in the dynamics

Any movement brings dynamics to the frame and looks as natural and realistic as possible, and this is a fresh trend of instagram. You can do exercises, blow bubbles, throw snow, wave your hands, ride a bike or send kisses – all this will look alive, even if a little grease.

3. Work with perspective and perspective

Try different angles, experiment with the point of shooting: take pictures frontally, from below, from the side. A person is used to seeing other people from the height of his height, he almost never saw the soles of other people’s shoes. Use this! The more rough the shoes are now in fashion.

4. Think over the composition

Pay attention to the lines and shapes in the surrounding space, use them to assemble a single composition. Stairs, building structures, prints and patterns – all this can serve as an excellent background for the portrait, if you successfully fit a person there.

5. Do not be afraid to shoot half-length portraits

On a wide angle can be removed and a good half-length portrait, if you take pictures of the person on top. Get quite a nice picture.

6. Crop before or after shooting

Of course, if you use the zoom or skadriruete photo after shooting, you will lose a little as a picture, but will be able to get a half-length portrait without visible distortion. What you are willing to sacrifice – proportions or quality – determine empirically.+

7. Use a second lens

If your smartphone has a telephoto lens in addition to a wide-angle lens, use it for half-length portraits. The background will not be washed away, but you will get a portrait without visible distortions.
For example, the second iPhone 8+ lens has a focal length of 56mm, which is not ideal for portraits, but is better than the wide-angle 28mm.

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