How to choose a good photographer?

We decided to give some good advice on what to look for when choosing a photographer:

Even if you absolutely do not know anything about photography, but I want to fill up the photo album and social networks with fresh pictures.
Even if you are a photographer, and it is very difficult for you to find a good enough photographer for your requirements.

Even if you are a model, and you have in your portfolio and social networks should be only beautiful photos.
With the first point clear, beginners may find it difficult to choose a photographer, but also professionals in the field of photography have problems with the choice of the photographer. After all, photographers and models also marry, raise children, maintain accounts in social networks, develop a personal brand and travel, and to display all these moments in photos it is difficult to do with their own professional pictures.

Useful tips for choosing a photographer for everyone who is far from photography:

1. Unleash your own taste. If you like the work of the photographer, stop your choice on it. To make sure that the photographer is not an impostor, and the works you like really belong to the author, look for information about the photographer on various resources, including social networks. Pay attention to the number of works on different resources (they should be at least 20-30), the uniformity of all photos in quality and processing, the presence of the author’s signature on the photo.

2. Analyze the photographer’s portfolio. If you liked the work of a photographer, scroll through his portfolio up and down, see all the frames from the series to understand how the photographer copes with staged shots and reportage, with different weather conditions and different lighting conditions. According to the portfolio, you can usually judge whether the photographer is ready for experiments or takes typical photo shoots, works in his own style or is still looking for himself, develops in one direction or tries himself in different genres.

3. Read reviews about the work of the photographer. To make sure that the reviews are real, read them not only on the website of the photographer, but also in social networks, on specialized review sites, photo forums and ratings. Pay attention to the number and quality of reviews, links or examples of photos in reviews, the style of writing and structure of each review to determine whether they were written under the carbon copy by some copywriter. Do not hesitate to look for former customers of the photographer in social networks and ask for feedback about the work of the photographer personally.

4. Compare prices on a photo shoot at 4-5 photographers. Of course, if you like the work of a single photographer (as many as you want) you can’t, then useless to compare. But if you make an informed choice, you can choose several photographers and compare the cost of their services, taking into account all discounts and bonuses. It’s up to you to decide: choose a better photographer for $600 (say, for a wedding) or a little worse for $300. But be prepared that a good photographer will not work for $100, unless it is a beginner who decided to practice for you.

5. Talk to the photographer in person. To understand whether you really work well together, it is better to communicate with the photographer in person: online, by phone or at a meeting. Of course, to get to know the person and understand whether you will be comfortable on the set, it is better to meet and discuss all the details in person. So you will be able to judge the style of communication about professionalism, customer service skills and human qualities of the photographer.

6. Rate the quality of photos on objective parameters. Photography is an art, and many solutions can be regarded as a creative experiment, but there are technical parameters, rules of composition and retouching, according to which even a beginner will be able to assess the quality of photos. We can assume that the photos are quite high quality, if they do not have overexposures, smears and digital noise, and the focus is on the main object of the frame. If the model is removed from a favorable angle, in a natural pose, limbs are not cut off and the skin is not blurred, it is already possible to speak about a quality portrait. But the littered horizon can sometimes be a bright creative technique!

If you are a photographer or a model, most likely, you already know dozens of your colleagues and have long noted for yourself who you would like to shoot. But often it is difficult for a professional to look at the work of colleagues and choose the best option.

Useful tips for choosing a photographer for photographers and models:

1. Make for yourself a terms of reference for the survey. To find a suitable photographer, first formulate for yourself what you would like to get as a result of shooting. Genre, style, location, images, accessories, decor, makeup-think of all these points in advance. It will be easier for you to find a common language with a professional, if you know what you want. But there is another option – to give everything to another photographer, trust and see what happens. This experience is interesting for your professional growth, but the result may be unexpected. If you prefer a life of surprises, you can not bother with TK.

2. Analyze the portfolio and filter out all the non-independent shooting. A beginner may not notice, but it will be clear to the professional eye whether the photos were taken independently or within the framework of some photo projects, master classes, workshops, which are often organized by photo schools and successful photographers. Yes, the photos may belong to the author, but the concept of shooting, the choice of locations and models, search for contractors, all stages of preparation and shooting belong to the organizer. This means that the photographer will not be able to shoot at the same level on their own.

3. Meet with the photographer in person when it comes to a serious project. You should clearly define the terms of reference for the photographer, sign a contract and just talk to understand its nature. Sometimes like everything, but people do not agree precisely in character. Do not be afraid to say that the photographer is not suitable for you and you will not work together. It is better to say it before you regret the shooting.

4. Punch the photographer on ratings, reviews and black lists. The reputation of the photographer is a very important component of the image of the photographer, which you need to work all your life, and you can spoil in one day. That is why you need to read reviews on various resources, pay attention to the rating among colleagues and check the absence of the selected photographer in the black lists. Even the top photographers mess up a lot, especially on deadlines. It is even better to ask colleagues whom they can advise in this direction of photography. a real review of a person you trust is more valuable than a dozen anonymous reviews on the Internet.

5. Rate the experience and connections of the photographer. If the photographer cooperates with glossy magazines, fashion designers or large restaurants, it means that his work was appreciated by large brands. If the photographer always involves a large team of contractors (make-up artists, stylists, costume designers, decorators, etc.), this indicates a good relationship and a high level of training.

6. Pay attention to the technique of the photographer. Usually professionals indicate what they shoot, and if not, it is not a sin to ask. Very in many situations, a good technique allows you to pull the frame where the budget DSLR can not cope.