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Interesting ideas for a family photo shoot in the studio

The holidays are over, the studios clean Christmas decorations, and the weather outside is unstable: the grayness and slush, the frost and Blizzard. It is quite difficult to plan a family photo shoot with a photographer and catch a Sunny and frosty day in winter. Therefore, we have collected for you the best ideas for family photography in the Studio.
The idea of a family photo shoot is a successful selection of the photographer, location, images and accessories. Starting from the atmosphere of the selected photo Studio, you can choose the images and accessories. read more

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How to shoot portraits on your phone

Shooting landscapes and architecture on a smartphone usually does not cause difficulties, since the phone’s camera is designed to shoot such scenes.

But to take a beautiful portrait on the phone in the absence of portrait mode or portrait lens is difficult, as the camera phone has a wide angle. As a rule, the focal length of the camera of modern smartphones is 28 mm, which is great for shooting large spaces, landscapes and street photos.
A wide-angle lens is not suitable for portraits, as it distorts the proportions of the face and body. It turns out that what is closer to the camera increases, and what is further decreases. The result is a huge nose and small ears. This is especially evident in a selfie. read more