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Composition rules in photography: symmetry

Symmetry is a powerful technique of composition, with which works of art are created and harmonized: architecture, design, painting, graphics, photography. But this technique is not invented by man, he peeped at nature. The human body, the flower, the snowflake are all examples of symmetry in nature.┬áThe easiest way to describe symmetry in a photo is this: if you fold a perfectly symmetrical photo in half along the symmetry line (klikk her for mer info), you get two identical photos.┬áBut the symmetrical composition does not provide for a perfect match of the elements of both halves of the image. The viewer’s gaze can quickly get tired of the monotony, so the imperfection of symmetry gives the look to catch on and relax. Conscious symmetry breaking can also draw the eye to the image, automatically make it more interesting. read more


How to choose a good photographer?

We decided to give some good advice on what to look for when choosing a photographer:

Even if you absolutely do not know anything about photography, but I want to fill up the photo album and social networks with fresh pictures.
Even if you are a photographer, and it is very difficult for you to find a good enough photographer for your requirements.

Even if you are a model, and you have in your portfolio and social networks should be only beautiful photos.
With the first point clear, beginners may find it difficult to choose a photographer, but also professionals in the field of photography have problems with the choice of the photographer. After all, photographers and models also marry, raise children, maintain accounts in social networks, develop a personal brand and travel, and to display all these moments in photos it is difficult to do with their own professional pictures. read more


Interesting ideas for a family photo shoot in the studio

The holidays are over, the studios clean Christmas decorations, and the weather outside is unstable: the grayness and slush, the frost and Blizzard. It is quite difficult to plan a family photo shoot with a photographer and catch a Sunny and frosty day in winter. Therefore, we have collected for you the best ideas for family photography in the Studio.
The idea of a family photo shoot is a successful selection of the photographer, location, images and accessories. Starting from the atmosphere of the selected photo Studio, you can choose the images and accessories. read more

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How to shoot portraits on your phone

Shooting landscapes and architecture on a smartphone usually does not cause difficulties, since the phone’s camera is designed to shoot such scenes.

But to take a beautiful portrait on the phone in the absence of portrait mode or portrait lens is difficult, as the camera phone has a wide angle. As a rule, the focal length of the camera of modern smartphones is 28 mm, which is great for shooting large spaces, landscapes and street photos.
A wide-angle lens is not suitable for portraits, as it distorts the proportions of the face and body. It turns out that what is closer to the camera increases, and what is further decreases. The result is a huge nose and small ears. This is especially evident in a selfie. read more

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Modern trends in photo editing

As a rule, only photographers and bloggers bother about the style of photo processing. But since photographers are blogging and bloggers are taking pictures, they are equally creating trends that then blow up Instagram and other social networks. We studied topic of photobloggers and highlighted the main trends in the processing of 2018 year, so in 2019 you did not copy the leaders, and found himself and his own style.

Mobile processing

More and more photographers and bloggers take photos on a smartphone and immediately process them directly in the phone with the help of applications installed on it. Professional photographers still hold on: take pictures on the DSLR, processed in Lightroom and Photoshop, save photos for social networks and only then publish their photos in Instagram. read more